KioWare kiosk software wraps around browser-based applications, securing the OS (Windows and Android) and browser, and allowing users to access only your application.

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Blending the physical with the digital: What we can learn from Lego and 3D printing

New tech lets us go from physical to virtual and back; how can this be applied to digital signage and kiosk solutions?

How kiosks are transforming the airport travel experience

From entry to departure to arrival, kiosks could soon make it possible to venture through an airport without a single human interaction.

How Penn State museum tackled customer engagement with kiosks

Kiosk software provides accessibility to Penn State and other museums and engages the public.

Latest KioWare for Android update enhances tablet-based digital signage kiosks

York, Pennsylvania-based Analytical Design Solutions has released Version 3.2.0 of its kiosk software KioWare for Android. The release is for the Kioware Lite, Basic and Full with Server models. KioWare for Android enables tablets to act in kiosk mode by...

KioWare kiosk software now comes with TV tuner

TV Tuner integration for digital signage and kiosk applications as well as an improved user experience are part of the latest KioWare kiosk software updates from York, Pennsylvania-based Analytical Design Solutions Inc. ADSI’s Version 7.2.0 of KioWare Lite, KioWare Kiosk...

KioWare inks US government contract pre-approving kiosk security software

Analytical Design Solutions Inc., which trades as KioWare, has received a U.S. government-wide pre-approved contract for its KioWare kiosk security software, according to a company announcement. The General Services Administration's "IT Schedule 70" contract means KioWare's kiosk security software is...

Software Security: The Importance of Locking Down Your Self-Service Kiosk

Keeping a self-service kiosk safe goes beyond the enclosure. Learn measures that can protect kiosk software.

RFID wristbands keep cash out of the water

RFID-based cashless payments are making a splash at Cedar Fair's Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, Pa. PDC announced that its Smart Band RFID Wristband and Kiosk System are now in use throughout the park. The PDC Smart RFID Wristband Dispensing Kiosk features touchscreens provided by EuroTouch and custom software developed by KioWare.

KioWare updates remote monitoring and kiosk mode software

KioWare today announced the release of version 7.0.0 of its KioWare Lite, KioWare Kiosk Basic and KioWare Full products that act as a kiosk mode for securing an OS and desktop.

Red Clay School District finds a voice with new kiosks

A Delaware school district deploys kiosks to improve communication with students and parents.

CETW12: KioWare develops software for Android-based kiosks

KioWare has increased its protection of Android-based kiosk solutions for retail environments. The company’s president, Jim Kruper, explained to Joe Grove with at CETW in San Francisco, why the company chose to design its protection software for Android as opposed to Apple.

KioWare Mobile Devices and Self-Service

The self-service industry has another new technology to absorb: mobile devices. These devices, such as the iPad, have become more functional and are available in a broader range of products. As companies seek new technology opportunities, usage has expanded from the originally intended user (consumers) to self-service.

The Benefits to Using Kiosk Software

Kiosk software secures your kiosk browser, displaying your application full screen and restricting user access from the OS, desktop and browser. These are key features of kiosk software, but what are the benefits?

CETW: Kiosk, digital signage integration

LiveWire Kiosk's Dave McCracken talks about the integration of various customer-facing technologies, including mobile, with software that has remote-management functionality.

Why using your browser in kiosk mode isn't enough.

Most major browsers offer a free and easy to use kiosk mode version which displays the application full screen. However, there can be unexpected costs such as kiosk downtime, loss of data, a change in kiosk settings and a loss...

Web Applications on Kiosks

In the last several years, more and more applications are being written, or rewritten, as web applications. The question is whether web applications make good kiosk applications?

Kiosk System Software - Necessary Security For Your Kiosk Project

You prepare your kiosk for harsh conditions, vandals, and intentional mischief, but have you thought about needed security for unintentional mishaps?

Pressure-sensitive kiosk security mat fights ID theft

Recognizing the vital need for increased protection against identity and information theft, Larco has introduced the hands-free and pressure-sensitive USB Kiosk Security Mat to protect critical data. Tailgating events such as ‘shoulder surfing' result in damaging consequences from stolen passwords,...

Self Service Excellence Award winners announced at KioskCom

KioskCom today announced the winners of the 2010 Self Service Excellence Awards: Best In Show: Greenopolis Recycling Kiosk Submitted by: Nanonation Best Retail Deployment: The Tire Information Center interactive Kiosk Submitted by Saitech International Best Entertainment/Gaming Deployment: AT&T Experience Kiosk...

KioskCom to feature product rollouts, insight from industry leaders

Kiosk and self-service professionals attending KioskCom Wednesday and Thursday at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas have a full plate awaiting them. Along with new product releases from some of the industry's biggest players, the show will feature information sessions on timely topics led by award-winning self-service leaders.

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