• Last generations kiosk receipt printer
  • Paper width from 56 to 82.5mm, adjustable by the user
  • Paper thickness 60/120 gr/m2
  • 200 dpi printing resolution
  • Very fast: up to 220mm/sec
  • High reliability (cutter life: 1.500.000 cuts; head life: 100Km)
  • “Ejecting” and “retracting” ticket functions
  • Illuminated paper bezel
  • High power motor feeder for huge paper roll (up to 300mm Ø)
  • Multi-position paper roll
  • Serial RS232 + USB and Ethernet interface
  • 24Vdc power supply
  • Total remote management and control by internal web server and email service
  • Cripto security protocol
  • Full Status Monitor
  • Veriprint printing head with integrated scanner unit
  • Fiscal version with electronic journal on MMC
  • Special options: shutter to prevent intrusion and triple feed

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MicroPlayer is an easy, fast and ultra compact system for managing multimedia contents. Learn more »

About Custom Group

CUSTOM Group is a group of private paid-in capital companies that has set itself the goal of development and production of products and printing solutions for the vertical markets and the services automation. Learn more »

CUSTOM's TG2460II - Small Ticket Dispenser

Custom's small kiosk printer with 60mm paper width, USB interface, available special version with patented tear off system and chromium-plated bezel. Learn more »

CUSTOM's TPT60CM II - Kiosk Printer

Custom's user friendly kiosk printer with a 60mm paper width. Learn more »

CUSTOM's TG2480 - Compact kiosk printer

  Custom's extremely versatile and compact kiosk printer with an 80/82.5mm paper width. Learn more »

CUSTOM's KPM300H - RFID ticket printer

  Heavy duty RFID ticket printer with high reliability, USB and Ethernet interface with web server embedded Learn more »

CUSTOM's KPM216H II - A4/US letter document size kiosk printer

Custom's kiosk printer with 210/216mm paper width, up to 300 dpi printing resolution, two different paper roll management, USB and Ethernet interface with web server embedded. Learn more »

CUSTOM's VKP112 - Kiosk Printer

Custom's  kiosk printer with extremely compact footprint and 112mm paper width. Learn more »

CUSTOM's PTR80 - Ticket dispenser

Custom's ticket dispenser suitable for filling station with an 80mm paper width. Learn more »

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