Based on the same technology Nanonation uses to support thousands of client locations, CommandPoint Command Point software gives you complete control to monitor, measure, and manage multiple digital signage and kiosk deployments anywhere, anytime, from any web-enabled PC.
More importantly, it’s all integrated, providing you with one source for everything from activity monitoring to usage reporting to remote control of your devices. CommandPoint can also be customized and offers API support for direct application support and database integration.
CommandPoint software features:

  • Systems management tools
  • Remote control
  • Content management
  • Usage tracking
  • Utilization reporting
  • Automatic alert system

For digital signage networks, CommandPoint is the online portal to upload content, schedule playlists, create layout templates and monitor the real-time health of each player on your network. Proof-of-playback reports, player-down alerts, and download logging are all part of these user-friendly tools.

For interactive screen and kiosks, CommandPoint means the ability to track usage metrics such as session counts, generate automatic alerts such as “printer low on paper”, and the ability to view both standard and customized reports online.
CommandPoint also include a full systems management suite developed from the ground up and tailored specifically for kiosks and digital signage. This firewall friendly suite of management tools gives your support team, and ours, the tools necessary to remotely troubleshoot and solve most problems without the need for costly onsite service.

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