Self-checkout, good and bad, can leave a lasting impression

Nov. 16, 2012

Implementing grocery self-checkouts is a lofty decision for stores. An article from explained that the final impression shoppers take away from a self-checkout experience can either be a draw or a deal-breaker in terms of return customers.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

No matter how great the prices and the products might be, if the checkout is a disaster, stores risk losing customers, market experts say.

"Your checkout experience, that's the last thing you have at a grocery store," said David J. Livingston, a supermarket consultant based in Waukesha. "If you're giving the customer an unsatisfactory exit experience, they might not come back."

"The last impression a customer has is when they check out their groceries," he added. "If you can give the customer a good experience, they are most likely going to come back."

How self-service plays into that is a matter of intense debate, even within grocery stores themselves.

"We don't believe that self-service check lanes provide superior service," said Pat Fox, president of Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly stores in southeast Wisconsin. "We believe very strongly in human interaction."

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