Self-checkout theft detection to showcase at NRF

Jan. 10, 2013

Theft at the self-checkout is an ongoing issue for retailers. According to StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, theft occurs five times more at self-checkout than manned checkout — a figure gathered by the company's theft-detecting Self-Checkout Accelerator.

The company announced that both NCR and Fujitsu have been working with StopLift to directly integrate their self-checkouts with the Self-Checkout Accelerator system, and will be demonstrating it at the NRF BIG Show in New York.

StopLift prevents false alerts and interventions, immediately flags unscanned merchandise at the checkout, and alerts the attendant before the customer leaves the checkout and exits the store. StopLift's video analytics technology visually determines what takes place during each transaction to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behavior at the checkout. For example, the system identifies items not meant for purchase that are placed in the bagging area, such as a purse or reusable shopping bag, differentiating it from theft so that no alert or beep will occur.

"The Self-Checkout Accelerator enhances weight-based security to handle a broader spectrum of cases," said Malay Kundu, CEO of StopLift. "Until now, security at the self-checkout has been performed solely by weight scales. Unfortunately, weight scales take time to settle, and legitimate purchases do not always match their expected weight in the database. As a result, conventional security measures often produce mistaken alerts which frustrate customers, leading some retailers to disable security and expose themselves to theft."

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