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    languages, enabling users to fully configure language settings while displaying content in any language to suit the audience. With the Omnitapps Interactive Wayfinding application, users can create a completely customized wayfinding solution by simply importing a high-resolution floor plan and their CSV database. Omnitapps Composer also includes data collection forms for capturing valuable information regarding touchscreen usage, and the software supports resolutions ranging from 1366x768 to 4K and is designed to be suited for kiosks, single- and multitouch screens, touch tables, touch video walls and all-in-one computers, the company said.……
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PCI compliance essential for kiosk operators13, the PCI SSC published guidelines for developers, merchants and payment solutions providers using consumer mobile technologies for payment acceptance. In a Kiosk Marketplace blog post and infographic, mobile security developer Moki Mobility examined these guidelines' implications for iPad and Android tablet-based kiosks. A mobile payments app running inside a kiosk needs to indicate to the end user during the payments process that it is in a secure state, for example by displaying a green checkmark, according to PCI SSC guidelines. Moki said a number of factors go into the determination of the secure state, such as whether or not the mobile device has been jail-broken, whether any peripherals have changed, whether the app configuration has been altered, and whether the device is running the correct version of the app. Jail-breaking refers to the highly insecure practice of circumventing the operating system controls set up by the device's manufacturer, so that unapproved apps can run on the device. "When a mobile device is jail-broken, there are opportunities for malware to take control of it," Gumbley said. "The problem with mobile apps is that the security solutions for mobile devices aren't as mature as those developed for desktop PCs. This means there is significant potential for criminal exploitation of mobile app security vulnerabilities." Moki said in its blog that, in order to be PCI-compliant, a tablet-based kiosk must be continually monitored for any suspicious changes to its payments solution.…
Digital signage software provider Omnivex Corp. recently announced the release of the newest version of its enterprise software, Omnivex Moxie. Moxie 6.11 provides new tools designed to reduce the time required to develop complex content and controls for kiosk applications, the company said. Moxie's wizards let users add sophisticated logic to their design without any coding or scripting, according to Omnivex. Users can also place multiple levels of content within other content, so they can design their own widgets and templates for re-use in multiple designs. Since design assets can be data dependent, users can produce a single design that will customize itself automatically for each location, significantly reducing time and labor, the company said. Also featured in Moxie 6.11 is a new video control feature for media that support kiosk applications, allowing customers to control viewing of video files at their own pace independent of any other media players that are running. Designers can decide which controls to expose, where to place them, and what form they should take. The Moxie sync service has been extended to allow multiple servers to share content and data based on requirements. This allows organizations to support independent departments or organizations with common and independent assets based on their business needs. It also allows them to take in third-party file contributions automatically, along with metadata governing its use and placement, Omnivex said.…
Elevate DIGITAL, a developer of street-level digital interactive technology, has deployed its digital displays at The LINQ, Caesars Entertainment's open-air shopping, dining and entertainment district on the Las Vegas Strip. According to a company news release, the fully-customizable platform combines interactive software applications with connective advertising and social and mobile integration. The screens also allow clients to retain guest data for targeted communication aimed at encouraging repeat visits and purchases, while personalizing the guest experience. "Elevate DIGITAL creates experiences around the venue and brand, while connecting to mobile and social media," said George Burciaga, CEO and founder of Elevate DIGITAL. "We're delighted to be the first to bring this technology to Las Vegas."…
Loss-prevention solutions provider iView Systems announced the launch of iPass Kiosk, a self-service solution designed to facilitate visitor registration, sign-in and management. The self-registration solution is optimized for busy buildings with high traffic or unsupervised lobbies, according to a company press release. The iPass Kiosk guides visitors through a step-by-step registration and sign-in process, for both new walk-up or existing pre-registered visitors. Visitors can find and sign-in for existing pre-registered visits via their smartphone by presenting an emailed QR code on their personal device. Additional configurable security and convenience features include ID collection via scanner hardware, visit image capture, signature capture, custom form and disclaimer inclusion, custom badges, banned or watch visitor management, and customizable branding of the kiosk software. "The iPass Kiosk delivers the ability to completely tailor the visit registration process to meet the individual business and enterprise needs," said Martin Drew, president, iView Systems. "For any level of visit security requirements, the iPass Kiosk can manage the entire visitor process, without the need to allocate dedicated staff to the visitor management function. This improves productivity, while enhancing company image and facility security."…
dispensaries across multiple states testing our software and smartphone mobile app to be able to present to the states a fair sample of data to show the responsible inventory control and sale of marijuana products," CYBK CEO Chris Clarke said in the release. "It is our goal and intent to establish our software solutions to be the required software and mobile app to be used in the marijuana industry."…
degree display, everyone in the Downtown Tampa location can enjoy the display and its content from anywhere in the branch." Codigo's digital signage software allows GTE Financial to remotely control its in-branch advertising and messaging displayed on the digital screens, video wall and ribbon display. Additionally, Codigo's iPad and large-format kiosk solutions give branch visitors the ability to explore product and service information at their leisure, letting the credit union's staff focus their attention on those who require more personal attention, the release said. "The financial industry is in the midst of an exciting transition," said Brian Nutt, president and CEO of Codigo. "We're seeing more institutions move away from the traditional, transaction-based mindset to a more progressive, sales and service approach. They've integrated the perfect mix of technology and people to create a highly interactive yet personal banking experience."…
large multitouch experiences, interactive digital signage, and interactive data visualization. "We chose these areas of focus because we firmly believe if done right, and done with human experience in mind, that they can all drive real measurable business benefit to our customers. Making those dollars and cents connections is crucial to our realization and theirs," Cutone said.…
Terminal Connect helps prioritize, manage and monitor activity for an organization's entire device network, Fiserv said. The solution monitors hardware, software and its own platform components residing on the device. Additionally, it includes standards-based, multivendor management of software components, as well as the monitoring and management capabilities needed to keep an ATM system up and running. Fiserv has also announced the availability of a new software-as-a-service option for the Device Manager platform. This hosted format helps organizations avoid up-front capital expenses, implementation challenges, and ongoing maintenance, upgrades and customization. "Using Device Manager in a hosted environment provides a cost-effective solution to the demands of systems ownership," Johnson said. "Organizations are able to avoid up-front capital expenses, implementation challenges, and a continuing need for maintenance, upgrades and customization in this type of environment. Additionally, it minimizes reliance on internal IT resources."…
touchscreen kiosks have been installed in boutique ski shops and other retail stores that sell the tickets, including Sports Authority, Colorado Ski and Golf, Any Mountain, REI and Breeze Max. "It's exciting to know that we have automated these significant sales, saving money, time and overhead for retail store clients," said Linda Gilbert, VP of sales and business development for Livewire, in the release.…
Version 3.1 of KioWare Lite for Android, KioWare Basic for Android, and KioWare Full for Android has been released with a German language option for installation and configuration. The newest version of KioWare for Android automatically displays in German when tablet defaults are set to that language. All KioWare for Android software products lock down an Android device into kiosk mode, which helps to secure the overall operating system, home screen and usage of applications, according to a company news release. In addition to the new language option, Version 3.1 of KioWare for Android introduces single app mode, immersive mode, an updated launcher, and new application management options. The application manager allows for complete control over which applications are permitted and which activities are allowed within a particular application. Read more about kiosk software.…
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