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Genesis Coin Inc. and its flagship Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM kiosk will be showcased at this year's ATMIA USA conference in Orlando, Fla., according to a news release. The Genesis1 provides conversion services between traditional currencies and Bitcoin …
Sometime tomorrow, a coffeehouse in Vancouver, Canada, will acquire the distinction of being home to the first and only (for a short while, anyway) bitcoin ATM in the world. It's one of five slated for placement in the Canadian market by bitcoin …
Bitcoin kiosks get thumbs up in CanadaA few months ago, it looked like the Bitcoin ATM kiosk would turn out to be no more than a much-hyped pipe dream. Entrepreneur Jeff Berwick's declaration in March that he would install the first Bitcoin ATM on Cyprus stirred up much ado about …
NCR Corp. announced today it has purchased uGenius Technology Inc., a Utah-based provider of video banking software that enables users to interact remotely with a live teller. The acquisition comes after two years of business partnering between the …
A Chase Bank branch in Chicago recently installed self-service banking kiosks, joining the 99 other locations nationwide that have machines. Chase has more than 5,000 branches and plans to deploy the self-serve ATMs to most locations, according to …
ATM evolves to offer more self-service optionsDiebold Inc. is one of many companies integrating other self-service functionalities into ATMS, helping to make the argument that the kiosk and ATM industries are overlapping. This month at ATMIA US 2012, Suzanne Cluckey, editor of our sister site …
Mobile cash access: Combining mobile with ATMs"It's the most novel thing anyone will see at the conference." That's a bold statement, to be sure, but one that Richard Crone makes without a moment's hesitation. Crone is CEO and founder of Crone Consulting LLC, a firm that helps companies convert …
Reverse ATMs taking on over-the-counter activitiesI've just got back from the Middle East, where I've been chewing the fat with my good friend Robert Holt from MBME, based in Dubai. We both agreed that there are currently huge opportunities for companies offering bill-payment kiosk services a.k.a …
ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum session explores state of ATM consumer marketAt the 19th annual ATM, Debit and Prepaid Forum, held in Las Vegas Nov. 1-4, the CEO of Synergistics Research Corporation talked how the ATM industry will need to adapt to a changing marketplace, citing Apple and Blockbuster as examples of what to …
ATMmarketplace.com has published the ATM Compliance Handbook 2012, a 29-page guide to a number of different legal and regulatory challenges facing the ATM industry. "Deployers who fall afoul of the guidelines and regulations – some of which …
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The ATM industry has seen many business-changing events occur over the last three decades, but what will the future hold? Industry insiders give you their take on ATM future trends.

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