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    computer modules running Microsoft Windows. Elo hardware, coupled with software, enables cloud-based collaboration, digital whiteboard, building directory and virtual receptionist applications that form the "Elo @ The Office" solutions, designed to enhance communications, optimize collaboration and boost productivity in office environments. "Whether used as a way-finding system, interactive advertising canvas, conference room collaboration tool, virtual receptionist or building directory, Elo's professional-grade, built-in touchscreen displays are built to last in any public environment," said Servaas Kamerling, Elo EMEA president, in the release. Read more about interactive touchscreens. ……
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Self-service spotlight at CES 201414, although the details for its implementation remain vague. The Joy Factory's tablet mounting Not all CES exhibitors try to reinvent the wheel, as is the case with The Joy Factory and its lineup of iPad kiosk systems and universal tablet mounts. The company said its product portfolio is designed to provide greater accessibility for tablet use in auto or business environments, as well as in the home. The Joy Factory's Elevate iPad wall mount and Elevate pivoting iPad wall mount secures tablets for use in public settings. Optic cleansing The Opticwash kiosk boasts the ability to cleanse and disinfect eyewear and jewelry in little more than a minute. The fully-automated system prompts users to place their dirtied and delicate items inside the kiosk and then runs a wash and dry cycle that the company said removes 99 percent of bacteria. Prototypes deployed to the general public last year have found particular popularity in airports and military bases. Read more about kiosk and self-service hardware and manufacturers.…
Did the content meet the objectives? Was the content engaging? Did the content fit the environment? Did the content fit the audience? After all of the judges submitted their scores, they were tallied, with the highest average score in each category chosen as winners. "This year showed that corporate lobbies are a big trend as we saw this category grow exponentially with great content delivered," Kelsen said. Learn more about digital signage content.…
//www.digitalsignageexpo.net/dse-content-awards Learn more about digital signage content.…
InfoComm13: Multitouch finds its place in pro AV will unlock new markets and applications for telepresence in the workplace." Check back for show highlights later in the week, as DigitalSignageToday.com editor Christopher Hall reports from the show floor. Read more about interactive touchscreens.…
-13. Learn more about touchscreen digital signage.…
Sojourn kiosks offer dual convenience (Video) Read more about interactive touchscreens.…
Israel-based wireless high-definition display provider Amimon will showcase Amimon Pro solutions that it says are specifically tailored to meet the need for elite products from high-growth markets such as digital signage at the International Consumer Electronics Show this month in Las Vegas. Visitors to the Amimon suite at the Las Vegas Hotel will see demos of the real-world applications utilizing Amimon Pro technology, including the Stryker endoscopic medical system for the operating room, utilizing features such as multicast and zero latency wireless displays; a three-by-three wireless video switch matrix for the custom installation market; and a two-by-two wireless video wall for the digital signage market, according to a company announcement. Read more about digital signage display technology.…
Vegas 2013 CETW cancelled as organizers focus on NYC show months." The Digital Screenmedia Association, for which CETW is the official trade show, supports the decision, DSA Executive Director David Drain said in an interview today. "We have members who are also exhibitors who have also suggested that one show would be better than two in a year," he said. "And the show organizers explained their rationale behind the decision, and it makes sense to us just to focus and do the best on one show." Drain also agreed that for a while now CETW "has been really strong in November, so it makes sense to choose that one." And the timing of the fall show, with buyers making plans for the next fiscal year's budgets and deployments, lends itself to more success, he said. The DSA may decide to host an event in the spring in the western half of the country, Drain said, since it already had been planning to host an event in conjunction with CETW, "and we still want to give our members an opportunity to get together for education and networking." The move to focus on New York also was not in response to a conflict with the Spring Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas earlier in the year, Dvorchik said. "This has nothing to do with DSE because we're not a digital signage event," he said. "We're not a one-technology event like they are; they're very different events. It's got literally nothing to do with it; it's got everything to do with the growth that was in New York from the attendance side. Given the growth that we've seen you have to stand up and take notice, and we think that it is the smartest thing to do for everybody, attendees, exhibitors, media partners, everybody." Read more about customer experience.…
Mobile minutes kiosk could push prepaid cellular Read more about bill payment kiosks.…
CETW, NYC brace for Hurricane Sandy mph in the city. The battery could go on for days as the storm lingers in the region, pounding residents with damaging rain and the potential for severe flooding in some areas. The National Weather Service issued a warning for the area saying conditions are expected to worsen today and into tonight, adding that power outages are likely across all areas in the Sandy's path. Warnings for evacuation have been harsh as meteorologists plead with residents to err on the side of caution. The Javits Center's incoming phone message today said that the Center is located in the zone that New York City has ordered evacuated due to severe weather conditions — so the Center was closed on Monday, and several events scheduled to take place there this week have been canceled or postponed. The message will be updated with more information as the situation develops, it said. But, with the storm hitting this week, there is "more than enough time to get everything back to normal completely," as far as services in the city and travel to and from the city, Dvorchik said. Dvorchik is talking to Javits personnel regularly, he said, and state and federal officials are "taking all possible precautions so that by the time (Sandy) blows through they're able to pick up and clean up quickly" and get things back to normal, he said. And with a week to clean up afterward, for New Yorkers who are used to this kind of thing and "about as prepared as you can be for this and what wil come afterward"? Fuhgeddaboutit. "Luckily it's not this week," he said. "This is going to be annoying ... (but) we absolutely anticipate no problems." The Digital Screenmedia Association, for which CETW is the trade show of record, also appears confident the show will go on — but DSA Executive Director David Drain said he will be in contact today with JD Events and with the yacht company hosting the DSA Party @ CETW NYC. The DSA party is scheduled to take place during a cruise around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty aboard the Duchess Yacht on the first night of CETW. "We're concerned, certainly," Drain said in a telephone interview today. "These storms pop up rather quickly, so we're monitoring it. But I've spoken with the yacht company and they're taking all the precautions. They do not expect any damage and are confident our event will happen as planned." A spokesman for a large public relations firm that specializes in technology companies said he hasn't heard of any concerns from his clients planning to attend CETW next week, but has seen the effects of Sandy dampening attending at a trade show he's attending this week — in Dallas. A significant number of attendees from the East Coast ended up skipping the show for fear of being able to get back east for meetings scheduled later for Wednesday, he said. And count Olea Kiosks Inc. among those standing firm in the face of the Hurricane. "Our booth ships today, and we are going along as planned," said Olea Kiosks CEO Frank Olea, in an email today. "We're hoping for the best and that the show can continue as planned. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that are being affected by the storm." Executives from digital signage firm ComQi also said they expect the storm should "blow over" by Wednesday, and are not aware of any issues regarding next week's show. "Everything is moving along according to schedule," said ComQi spokesperson Sharon Shonesh. It's also important to keep in mind that the Javits is a "pretty solid structure," said the DSA's Drain, who added that he was not aware of any damage the Center suffered as a result of the last hurricane to blow into town, last year's Hurricane Irene. "So we'll just have to keep monitoring it and see what would be possible as far as backup plans if we need to," Drain said. "We're hoping everything is okay and glad the storm is this week instead of next week. We're hoping and praying for safety for everyone involved and hoping the damage will be minimal." (KioskMarketplace.com Editor Natalie Gagliordi also contributed to this article.) Hurricane image courtesy of NASA/GSFC/Jeff Schmaltz/MODIS Land Rapid Response Team. Read more about customer experience.…
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