Automated Retail KIOSKS

StoreBOT™ is an automated retail platform providing secure self-service delivery of multiple product categories (games, electronics, perfume, health/beauty, office supplies, etc.).  The automated center provides retailers with a turnkey sales and delivery tool to resolve notoriously high shrink rates associated with small, but expensive items.

  • Shrink controls

– Employee theft is tightly controlled by employee password and / or biometric & camera component options.

– Shoplifting is blocked by dual steel doors & industrial locks.

– Administrative loss is addressed via on-demand robotic product inventory scans, automating reconciliation and audits.

  • Guided Selling and Age Identification Interface

–  User interface (UI) is presented on a 22” Touchscreen LCD, displaying extensive product selection information.

– Optional driver’s license scanning feature automates age identification for age-restricted merchandise.

  • Loyalty and Advertising Platform

– Loyalty / Membership Sign-up for long-term promotion communications and customer loyalty enrollment.

– Advertising & Coupon Delivery for optional mobile or print coupons to substantially enhance sales.

  • Intelligent Inventory Management

– Robotic scan of physical inventory bar codes enabling accurate inventory reporting & visibility.

– System-generated replenishment orders tied to pre-defined minimum stock thresholds, automating key re-stocking processes.

  • Complete Remote Management & Wireless Services

– Remote monitoring is a standard platform tool enabling full visibility of the networked equipment from a head-office server 

To learn more, please visit KIOSK’s Automated Retail Solutions Page

  Products and Services
  • LockSpot Locker Solutions

    LockSpot Locker Solutions

    KIOSK has extensive experience in customized system design for self-service storage – both in lockers, rentals, and hybrid solutions.

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  • Retail KIOSKS

    Retail KIOSKS

    Self-service delivery has become an integral part of long-term retail strategy. KIOSK has a full array of retail solutions that enhance revenue, loyalty, cost control, and enhance the customer experience.

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  • Bill Payment KIOSKS

    Bill Payment KIOSKS

    KIOSK’s retail bill payment solutions provide fully automated payment options (credit/debit/cash/check), improving service efficiency and dramatically reducing transaction costs.

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  • Human Resources KIOSKS

    Human Resources KIOSKS

    KIOSK provides numerous HR applications that improve the services extended to disconnected employees, enhance cost control, and reduce administration costs and errors.

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  • Healthcare KIOSKS

    Healthcare KIOSKS

    KIOSK has a variety of technologically advanced healthcare solutions that add patient convenience and safety, while reducing bad debt and administrative costs.

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  • Security KIOSKS

    Security KIOSKS

    KIOSK’s sophisticated custom design and biometric integration expertise support the most successful and widely deployed US Airport & Border Security solutions.

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  • Government KIOSKS

    Government KIOSKS

    Shrinking federal, state and local budgets have forced many government offices to develop automated solutions. KIOSK provides a host of self-service kiosks designed to cut costs, while increasing service levels.

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  • Green KIOSKS

    Green KIOSKS

    KIOSK provides innovative custom design engineering and alternative component integration resulting in eco-friendly kiosks that benefit both the environment and the deployers’ ROI.

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  • Gaming KIOSKS

    Gaming KIOSKS

    KIOSK has a wide range of self-service gaming solutions which substantially reduce operating costs, increase casino revenues, and enhance player loyalty.

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    Custom DMV kiosks automate high demand functions saving time, improving efficiencies and generating revenue creating a win-win for both tax-paying constituents and state governments alike.

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