NFC module ICM0M0-1090 Contactless Payment System

Nidec Sankyo card solutions have helped set the standards in many applications including ATM's, POS terminals, kiosk terminals, and other financial terminals. Learn more about our NFC Module ICM0M0-1090 Contactless Payment System.


When saving money goes bad: The dangers of buying kiosks from China

Every now and then, I'm approached by a potential manufacturer who guarantees to cut my kiosk manufacturing costs without finding out what my expenses are. I think to myself, "Can this manufacturer really be that much cheaper that I'm guaranteed...

Why your kiosk transactions are failing

Did you know that contamination from dirt, oil and debris could be the cause of your failed transactions? At first these contaminants cause intermittent read errors, but over time they will get gradually worse. In order to keep your kiosk...

Digital signage & coupon kiosks aim for redbox-like ubiquity

Coupon Express digital signage kiosks are gaining steam in their drive toward market penetration.

Experts discuss making kiosks accessible to the blind, Pt. 2

Several companies have already designed kiosks that can accommodate blind users.

Deploying kiosks that work

I'm sure like most people that are going to read this blog you're looking for a formula that will help you to deploy a successful kiosk project. Like most anyone else I'll tell you that a lot of up front planning is certainly going to help you.

Hotels waking up to self-service

As the travel market rebounds and occupancy rates rise, hotel operators are turning to self-service solutions.

Kiosks, digital signage to make big show at Big Show

An A-to-Z look at some tech companies at the annual NRF event.

Vigix rolling out ‘first true vending kiosks'

Vigix Inc. will be featuring a new vending kiosk solution at April's KioskCom show in Las Vegas, and the company is confident the systems it's calling the "first true vending kiosk" will be a showstopper.

Entrepreneur creates controversy with 'Amber Alert' kiosks

A new kiosk's goal is to help find lost children, but some say the concept is misguided and confusing.

NCR says new Ga. facility won't be affected by job cuts

NCR's Peter Dorsman says NCR's manufacturing presence in the U.S. is strong, and the company expects to add 30 employees to its Columbus, Ga., plant by year-end.

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Posiflex to show multipurpose media player for digital signage or kiosks at NRF BIG Show

At this year's National Retail Federation BIG Show, Posiflex is announcing new retail and hospitality products in development, including an ultra-small-footprint multipurpose PC controller with Wi-Fi that can serve as a digital signage or kiosk controller. The multipurpose controller is...

Digital directories available from Sprocket

Sprocket Kiosks, a manufacturer of kiosk hardware and software, now offers a large portfolio of digital directories ideal for use in building foyers or concourses, according to a company press release. The directories feature a 22-inch LCD screen that is...

Emerson Network intros 2d gen Intel-powered fanless embedded computer

Emerson Network Power has announced its first fanless embedded computer to feature the second generation Intel Core processor. One of the first of its kind in the industry, the KR8-820 is ideal for variety of applications including digital signage, intelligent kiosks, medical carts and gaming machines, according to a company press release.

New self-service library solution on display at ALA conference

Auburn Hills, MI-based LEID Products LLC recently announced that it will be displaying its new self-service "Library Express" kiosk system June 24-27 at the American Libraries Association's Annual Conference and Exhibit in New Orleans. According to the announcement, the ALA...

Wincor Nixdorf checks out new 360-degree self-checkout scanner

Wincor Nixdorf announced that it has developed a completely new self-service automatic checkout solution for ICA, one of the biggest retail chains in Sweden. The new self-checkout solution, the "360 Scan Portal," combines traditional shopping and a fast checkout, making...

'Cashless jail' kiosks spreading in Mich.

Continental Prison Systems Inc. today announced that it is continuing to expand its strategic partnership with commissary leader Canteen Services of Michigan.

Calif. city issues skimming alert for self-service gas pumps

According to, West Covina, Calif., is launching a public awareness campaign about pay-at-the-pump skimming. West Covina city police recently discovered card-skimming devices installed in self-service gas pumps to collect magnetic-stripe details and PINs. City officials issued an alert after...

Advantech launches Intel-powered IPC

Advantech has launched the embedded ARK-1503 system, a fanless, embedded IPC powered by an Intel Atom D525/D425 processor with DDR3 support and integrated display interface. According to a press release, it enables much better power savings, while providing top performance...

CETW: First-time exhibitor showcases cash-handling solutions

Talaris, a provider of cash-handling solutions, is featuring several self-service solutions this week at CETW. Talaris formed a partnership with Itautec, a Brazilian manufacturer of automation and self-service solutions, to develop the QuickWay Self Checkout. According to a press release,...

Toshiba debuts self-encrypting hard drive

Toshiba has introduced a series of self-encrypting hard drives (models MKxx61GSYG) that the company said will benefit kiosks by adding extra security. The feature includes a self-diagnostic feature that blocks access to data if the drive doesn't recognize the host....

NCR hopes to seize market share in Brazil

NCR Corporation has announced that it will offer its self-service solutions and services to retailers in Brazil. "The retail industry continues to fuel a large part of Brazil's robust economic growth," said Elias Silva, president of NCR Brazil, in a...

Working Solutions gives automatic kick-back to partners

Working Solutions, a software development company, has designed a web program that provides kiosk hardware companies with automatic sales revenue. According to a company press release, its kiosk partners not only get free promotional trial versions of Acquire, Kiosk Monitor...

NRF: Motorola showcases kiosks with printing applications

Motorola showcased its kiosks with printing capabilities at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York City. Motorola, creator of MK500 kiosks used for price checking, partnered with Zebra Technologies, a company specializing in kiosk printing applications, to design a printer for the machine.

Outdoor kiosks going green

Technology to cut outdoor kiosk power consumption is now available from KIOSK Information Systems. The company developed a fan cooling system that virtually eliminates the need for an internal air conditioning unit in an outdoor kiosk deployment, according to a...

NYC restaurant launches Incentient's self-service, touchscreen wine list

Incentient, a Jericho, N.Y.-based transaction-services provider, has announced the launch of its SmartCellar touchscreen self-service device at New York City's SD26 restaurant. According to a news release from Incentient, the SmartCellar is a wireless, handheld device that gives restaurant patrons...

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