Meeting the ADA compliance challenge


Self-service kiosk vendors give Kiosk Marketplace their views on the best ways to comply with the complex requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Location, location, location: Experts offer advice for in-store kiosk placement

Kiosk vendors provide tips on the best places to locate self-service kiosks in your store.

Technical challenges to NFC implementation: Lessons from the aviation industry

From passport readers to frequent flyer cards, NFC in aviation calls for the highest level of security.

3 key traits of a qualified lead vendor

The right lead vendor can make a project work just as easily as a bad one can not. Here's what to look for in making your choice.

Answer these 4 questions before deploying kiosk network

A successful self-service network should save your customers time and you money, but without proper planning, deploying a series of self-service kiosks could do the exact opposite. Equipment not operating up to expectations will have service reps out in the...

The quick guide to self-service self-sufficiency: Part 1

When we entered the self-service industry, we made a conscious decision to be a one-stop solution for our clients, a company that consulted with the client on needs, provided custom software, and maintained the system after delivery. Not all solutions...

Deploying kiosks that work

I'm sure like most people that are going to read this blog you're looking for a formula that will help you to deploy a successful kiosk project. Like most anyone else I'll tell you that a lot of up front planning is certainly going to help you.

New tax law to bring big savings for 2011 kiosk purchases

Although I usually use this spot to share my industry insights, I've invited Don Lineburg, CFO and vice president of Operations , to discuss a business incentive that may help retailers looking to deploy kiosks this year. Enjoy! By Don...

Planning your kiosk deployment saves money

Not a day goes by that we're not on the phone with a potential client who needs a kiosk ASAP. We're not talking three or four weeks but literally like two or three days.

Top uses for kiosks in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry has obviously seen its share of challenges as travel and leisure budgets still border on "non-existent" for many Americans. Although the slumping economy has caused some industries to contract, hospitality is not a fad.

Hospital patients checking out self-service check ins

The trend toward self-service kiosks in health-care facilities for such uses as patient check-in and wayfinding is on the rise. While health-care organizations value the increased staff efficiency the kiosks deliver, patients can also benefit with added convenience and time...

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Wireless Ronin partners with Frank Mayer for heavy-duty dealership digital signage and kiosks

Digital marketing technologies solutions provider Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc. has signed an agreement with Frank Mayer and Associates Inc., a provider of design and manufacturing of branded in-store merchandising and displays, to provide digital marketing solutions for a leading North...

Low-voltage power system could ease kiosk installations

The Kiosk Group Inc. announced the release of a product that cuts the cord on iPad kiosk power connectivity.

Apps integrate POS and daily deal redemptions

Revel Systems today announced the launch its iPad Marketplace for POS plug-ins, allowing customers to integrate third-party apps directly from the POS, increasing functionality and ROI, the company said in a press release. Also as part of the Marketplace, Revel...

Rite on the Button to install concierge kiosks in California

Rite on the Button, a company that provides customized electronic concierge solutions, will soon install interactive touch-screen kiosks around Ventura, Calif. According to, the kiosks will help visitors find information about entertainment, restaurants and events. The company is currently...

Flyte Systems expands airline information services to international hotels

Flyte Systems, a provider of airport travel information displays and digital signage content for the hospitality industry, convention centers and related businesses, announced the international expansion of its real-time airline flight information service system. The expansion will begin with hotels...

Wal-Mart might get a taste of Pennsylvania wine kiosks

According to, Wal-Mart stores across Pennsylvania may soon sell wine through kiosks located within its stores.

Trade show firm streamlines registration with self-service kiosks

According to, Event Management, a Connecticut-based firm with more than 20 years of experience in the production of major trade shows and special events, has partnered with Vu Telepresence to deploy self-service kiosks to enable pre-registration for events. Event...

Another library installing self-service kiosks

According to, Ely Library, located in Cambridgeshire County in England, is closing for two weeks in order to install self-service kiosks. The new self-service machines will enable customers to issue and return books, story cassettes, DVDs and CDs, check...

Coinstar to invest in SoloHealth

Coinstar Inc. has announced it will invest in SoloHealth, a consumer-driven healthcare technology company that develops and deploys health-screening and information kiosks, including its EyeSite product and the next-generation SoloHealth Station.

Puff the Magic Kiosk

Biometrics kiosks will soon make it easier for medical patients to buy marijuana, according to a press release from Cannabis Medical Solutions Inc., a company specializing in merchant payment solutions and financial products for the medical marijuana and health-care industries....

Retirement community embraces kiosks

Noventri Digital Signage Solutions is bringing technology to older adults. The company provides residents, staff and visitors to the Augsburg Lutheran Home and Village in Baltimore County, Maryland, with digital signage and touchscreen technology to teach them about the retirement...

Gamblers getting fast cash at casino kiosks

Gamblers now have speedy access to cash when they use M3 Technology's Cash Access Kiosks, according to a press release from M3T, the creator of the kiosks and a provider of gaming information technology and casino management systems. The one-stop...

Outdoor kiosks going green

Technology to cut outdoor kiosk power consumption is now available from KIOSK Information Systems. The company developed a fan cooling system that virtually eliminates the need for an internal air conditioning unit in an outdoor kiosk deployment, according to a...

SoloHealth, Alliance for Digital Equality partner to spread health kiosks

The Alliance for Digital Equality (ADE), a nonprofit organization that provides broadband solutions and broadband related services to underserved and un-served communities, and SoloHealth, a self-service healthcare provider that seeks to empower consumers' healthcare through the use of self-service technology,...

DVD kiosk push brings 3Q revenue rise, small loss for Global Axcess

Jacksonville, Fla.-based Global Axcess Corp. reported a net loss of $96,000 in the third quarter on revenues of $5.8 million as the company invested in expanding its DVD kiosk rental business.

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