Antimicrobial keyboards keeping the dirt off kiosks

Operator Interface Technology, a developer of rugged copper keyboards and keypads used primarily for commercial applications within kiosks and ATMs, has announced a new line of electronic keyboards outfitted with the bactericidal properties of CuVerro touch surfaces. OIT's new keyboards,...


CETW: Kiosk keyboards take on a more natural feel

TG3 Electronics demonstrated keyboards that mimic the feel of ordinary ones without compromising ruggedness.

Digital-download kiosks in store for retail, other verticals

How successful will the technology be against its online competition?

More from the floor of Self Service Expo

A look at other new tech and tools from KioskCom.

Eye kiosk stands above the crowd as KioskCom Las Vegas wraps

SoloHealth's EyeSite sticks out among the record number of exhibitors at the Self Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show.

Self Service Expo exhibitors drive show to next level

Las Vegas show draws the right kind of traffic for exhibitors and attendees.

A deeper look at Self Service Expo

Self Service World continues its coverage of the 2007 Las Vegas show.

IBM hosts 'Store of the Future'

Big Blue's vision for the future of retailing is displayed in San Antonio.

Show time in San Antonio

The Self-Service & Kiosk Show is about to plant its boots in Texas with a fittingly large roster of exhibits and events.

Wincor World '06 highlights comprehensive banking, retail solutions

Innovation in system architecture is changing the way bankers and retailers do business. At Wincor World 2006, more than 70 Wincor partners from around the world will be in Paderborn, Germany, to show off solutions they've developed with Wincor Nixdorf.

Competition was steep for the 6th Annual Kiosk Awards

The 6th Annual Kiosk Awards were announced Oct. 18 at the Self-Service & Kiosk Show in San Francisco. Find out which self-service devices took home the honors.

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Armodilo intros keyboard tray for tablet kiosks

Armodilo Tablet Kiosks announced today that its devices will now feature an optional add-on keyboard tray for the Samsung keyboard, which the company said will improve the versatility and functionality of the tablet kiosks. For input applications such as surveys...

New product uses forced sanitation to stop spread of flu on kiosks

The rampant flu season is affecting most parts of the country, leaving the sick in agony and the healthy bathing in disinfectant. Public places and touch areas are well-known germ hubs, the kiosk space included, resulting in antimicrobial surface treatments...

KIOSKCOM: Sagem Denmark launches new PIN-pad line

NEW YORK — Sagem Denmark has announced the rollout of the INT1215-5210 OEM encrypting PIN pad for ATMs and kiosks. Featuring a keyboard made with polymer, the product boasts a lifetime of 2 million cycles and customization options that include embossing and customer-specific software development.

Campuses enroll kiosks

Universities continue to offer more self-service options to students through campus kiosks.

HoloTouch acquires second patent for holographic interface

DARIEN, Conn. — HoloTouch Inc. announced that the U.S.

Show emphasizes the big picture of self-service (cont.)

The name change was telling: The Self-Service & Kiosk Show (formerly The Kiosk Show) took a much broader view of self-service as a business strategy. Kiosks were certainly in attendance, but just a large part of a larger picture.

The Five Promises of Self-Service

Learn what self-service can do for your business! (free download when you sign up for news alerts)

New 3M product allows touch interfaces to be placed anywhere

METHUEN, Mass. - 3M Touch Systems Inc. announced in a news release a new touch technology platform, Interactive Surface Technology, which offers the ability to apply a touch interface to nearly any surface.

New Specter Kiosk

Sparta, NJ May, 2005—Instruments & Equipment Co. (I&E), a recognized leader in hardware and components for the kiosk, point-of-sale, information technology, and original equipment manufacturer markets, now has available a new kiosk known as —The Specter.

Arista announces new 20.1-inch touchscreen panel PC

FREMONT, Calif. — Arista Corp., a computer solutions provider and system integrator, has developed a new ruggedized panel computer with a large 20.1-inch LCD screen, the ARP-2020, designed for industrial supervisory control applications.

New Phoenix Kiosk

Sparta, NJ May, 2005—Instruments & Equipment Co. (I&E), a recognized leader in hardware and components for the kiosk, point-of-sale, information technology, and original equipment manufacturer markets, now has available a new kiosk known as "The Phoenix".

Tranax expands into kiosk business

Since Tranax opened its doors, it's been cranking out retail ATMs to dealers and deployers throughout the United States. But last week the company announced its new self-service venture — one that walks outside the confines of cash-dispensing machines.

Gefen upgrades two KVM extenders for digital displays

WOODLAND HLLS, Calif. — Two new KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extenders from Gefen support digital video displays equipped with DVI plus companion peripherals in addition to the standard keyboard and mouse, according to a news release.

EAO offers illuminated keypad

MILFORD, Conn. — EAO has announced in a news release the addition of an illuminated 16-key PIN-entry keypad to its W.series line.

Help yourself to self-storage

Human beings are pack rats by nature. We accumulate things throughout the course of a life, usually taking in more than we discard.

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