UK Post Office amps up self-service; unions worry over job loss

The U.K. Post Office is ramping up its digital footprint by piloting a number of technological enhancements expected by Christmas 2014.


Are US postal kiosks facing a usage crisis?

An audit report from the Office of Inspector General finds that USPS kiosks have failed to deliver.

Kiosks 'Going Postal' in North Virginia stores

The U.S. Postal Service is testing shipping kiosks in retail settings.

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MetaPack and InPost join forces to optimize delivery services

U.K.-based InPost, provider of self-service package kiosks, will join MetaPack Group, a U.K. provider of e-commerce technology delivery services, for their delivery platform, according to a press release. The partnership is designed to provide "more flexible and convenient delivery options" to customers, the announcement said.

Kiosk makeover begins at U.K. post office branch

An August remodeling includes three new kiosks for the U.K. Post Office branch in Yeovil, England, according to the Yeovil Western Gazette. "Yeovil Post Office is being refurbished to create a brighter, more modern branch for customers," a Post Office...

UK self-service kiosks go postal

The Exeter (U.K.) Post Office has installed five new kiosks designed to reduce waiting times, according to the Exeter Express and Echo. Another nearby post office branch, the Honiton Post Office, received two new self-service kiosks. "We're delighted with the...

Postal kiosks deliver flexible service in Bay Area

Swapbox, a San Francisco startup, could solve age-old time constraints for post offices in the Bay Area, according to New automated postal kiosks allow customers to send and receive packages outside normal business hours. Customers can drop off packages...

Self-service kiosks eased holiday lines at the post office

Self-service kiosks at an Idaho post office helped ease the busy holiday package shipping season, according to an article on Marnie McNeil, a customer service supervisor at the main Boise post office, said people are becoming more comfortable with...

Google acquires BufferBox, takes aim at Amazon's shipping business

Google may be gearing up to enter the shipping and logistics business with its recent acquisition of BufferBox, a self-service parcel pickup company, according to The BufferBox services allow users to subscribe for single-use services, renting temporary lockers to...

USPS moving toward self-service in major cities

The United States Postal Service is adding new self-service kiosks in a move to grow business and increase revenues, the agency has announced. According to, the kiosks will have improved screens and include a self-scanning feature, designed to expedite...

Commentary: USPS must embrace self-service

A commentary piece posted on The Atlantic offers up a blunt discussion regarding the dire situation facing the United States Postal Service. In light of budget deficits in an election year, author Jeff Jordan posed the following question to the...

Newvision to intro self-service products at GITEX

Newvision, the Portuguese queue management and self-service kiosk solutions provider, today announced plans to launch two customer management products at GITEX Technology Week 2012, next month in Dubai. The products include the Slim Postal Kiosk — a fully integrated weighing...

Mediterranean island gains self-service postal kiosk

Students at the University Campus in Gozo, part of the Maltese Islands in the Mediterranean, now have a self-service postal kiosk available for 24-hour use, according to The self-service postal kiosk relies on software called Swift Postal and enables...

Austrian bank, post office partner with kiosks

BAWAG P.S.K., one of the largest bank groups in Austria, has modernized 380 branches through the creation of a new self-service zone in its bank lobbies. The group will offer customers 24-hour use of automated teller machines, self-service devices for...

Mail contraband home via airport kiosks

Travelers stopping at Chicago airports won't have to throw out bottles of expensive perfume or other items usually banned from airplanes. Instead, they can send their contraband home by using Mail Safe Express kiosks located just beyond security checkpoints at...

Post office to close all-night window

The Tennessean: A 24-hour post office in Nashville is closing its all-night window, thanks to the Automated Postal Center kiosk. At midnight Feb.

The Five Promises of Self-Service

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New self-service center opens in Victorville post office

The Daily Press: The Victorville, California, post office has implemented an automated postal center to help relieve staffing shortages.   Customers who use a debit or credit card can use the self-service center to send express mail, priority mail, first-class mail, parcel post, certified letters, weigh packages, print postage and buy stamps.

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