Baanto and TSItouch partner to provide touchscreen solution

Ontario-based Baanto Inc, provider of touch sensing solutions, is partnering with Pennsylvania-based touchscreen monitor technology provider TSItouch to offer ShadowSense, an integrated touchscreen solution.


New breathalyzer kiosk helps drinkers dodge DUIs

A Salt Lake City start-up offers professional-grade breathalyzers in the form of interactive kiosks.

Tablets bring unique strengths, handicaps to kiosk applications

Bottom line: No one is predicting iPad ubiquity in self-service - yet.

Portugal airports 'liven' up with multitouch solutions

EDIGMA deploys multitouch interactive "Living Spots" in airports.

5 critical questions for your next hardware vendor

Without great hardware from a great supplier, the odds of a successful deployment fall fast.

CETW: The four-finger ultra-slim kiosk Touch Revolution

Kiosk Marketplace editor Cherryh Butler discusses a new kiosk model at Customer Engagement Technology World.

Help, there's an iPad in my kiosk!

Even though it's just over a year old, the iPad has become one of the most well-known and technologically-advanced products to hit the market, and consumers have become fast adopters. Following quickly on the heels of consumer excitement, more companies...

GlobalShop: Product security, data with touch screens

Michael Moore with Reflect demonstrates how product data and security can be combined with cable and touch screen.

Interactive displays go 'to the window, to the wall'

Inside the Kiosk: Canadian company helps retailers transform tables, walls and floors into interactive displays.

Ford UK test drives 3-D technology (video)

Touch screens at British malls feature 3-D versions of Ford's newest vehicle.

Six best practices for kiosk design and deployment

Kiosks have been proven to be highly effective for improving customer satisfaction, creating competitive differentiation and reducing operating costs, but these benefits can't be taken for granted. The kiosk plop-and-drop, a poorly thought-out kiosk implementation, does not in any way guarantee success.

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Arizona Department of Transportation wins award for kiosks

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division received the 2014 Public Affairs and Consumer Education Award for its self-service kiosks, according to a company announcement. The kiosks were installed in MVD offices in 2013 to include many of the...

Engrain expands touch-enabled virtual property kiosk lineup

Denver-based Engrain, a provider of virtual tour and resident interaction systems, announced that Elo Touch Solutions, the preferred hardware vendor for the company's TouchTour systems, is now providing expanded support for the company and will soon release a series of...

California McDonald's adds electric vehicle fast charge station

A McDonald's restaurant in Riverside, Calif., has installed a Blink Direct Current (DC) Fast Charger. The restaurant also has a standard Blink pedestal charging station.

Solar-powered digital signage kiosk set to rise

ZIVELO, a manufacturer of self-service kiosk and digital signage products, has launched the X-Eco kiosk, an energy efficient outdoor digital signage kiosk with an optional 200-Watt solar power kit — allowing for a completely wireless solution that can be installed...

Cambrios and eTurboTouch to debut touchscreen coating at CES

A partnership between Cambrios Technologies Corp. and eTurboTouch Technology Inc.

PCT touchscreens used for electric car hire stations in France

Zytronic announced its touch sensors have been specified for the user interfaces of IER's Autolib' electric car hire stations currently being deployed in Paris and 46 cities in the Ile-de-France region. The deal came through Zytronic's French distribution partner Eurocomposant....

GeneralTouch intros multitouch 'pure glass' screen

The Chinese company GeneralTouch Technology Co. announced its development of Projected Infrared Touch, its newly patented "pure glass" multitouch technology. PIT supports up to 32 simultaneous touch points with a response time of no more than 10ms, having minimized the distance between touch points to 3mm, according to the announcement.

Presidential debate arena at Lynn University to feature Dream Machine recycling kiosks

The PepsiCo Dream Machine recycling kiosks will be on hand at the next presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. The kiosks, which recycle empty drink cans and plastic bottles into points users can redeem for select products, will be located in the food tent during the event.

Future Robot kiosks have successful start overseas

The company Future Robot unveiled a new service robot that functions as a friendly kiosk, according to an article on The FURO-K moves around greeting customers with a synthesized voice to explain its features, rather than sit in a...

TouchSystems intros new touchscreen product line

TouchSystems today announced the launch of its projected capacitive (PCap) line, InnovaTouch.  The bezel-free touchscreen design is an applicable solution for industries such as retail, medical, government and hospitality, according to the company press release.

AVT announces medical information and dispensing system

California-based AVT Inc. announced today that it has developed a new wall-mounted automated medicine and information dispensing system.

Delaware DMV turns to kiosks

Drivers in Delaware will now have access to self-service kiosks at the DMV, according to an article on The kiosks will be placed at the Dover, Georgetown and Wilmington DMV locations, facilitating basic services such as driver's license and...

Self-service kiosks could be financial savior for Michigan city

Grand Rapids, Mich., joins the growing list of local governments utilizing self-service kiosks to provide easier and more cost-effective access to certain government services. Two kiosks were installed last Friday at the City Hall, with plans for more around town,...

World's smallest retailer makes Omaha debut

Many attendees of this weekend's Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha saw something they'd never seen before, a complete retail store in just 2 square feet of floor space. In contrast to the usual large booths selling products made by...

Company providing hardware, software to turn iPads into kiosks

Streamzap, founded in 2000, is hoping to provide retailers with the tools to turn iPads into self-service kiosks. It says it is the only company to design and produce both a retail-ready iPad enclosure as well as the iPad App needed to lock down the iPad, in a recent company press release.

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